15000ft Ultimate Tandem Skydive

15000ft Ultimate Tandem Skydive

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Not all skydives are created equal ' while they all give the same thrilling feeling of freefalling through the air, the lower the jump the less time there is to really take it all in. With this 15,000ft Ultimate Skydive you'll be jumping from the highest possible tandem jump altitude in the UK, giving you plenty of time to experience the massive adrenaline rush that comes from reaching terminal velocity. At nearly three miles above the ground and a terminal velocity of around 125mph, your skydive will last nearly a full minute before the chute opens and you start descending slowly to the ground. You'll be in the safest hands possible as you're strapped to your skydiving professional, and as you'll have practiced all of the necessary manoeuvres on the ground you'll be feeling at least a bit prepared for the unbelievable experience ahead of you. Stare down at the clouds from thousands of feet above them, hold your hands to your chest, tuck your feet in, keep your eyes open and prepare for the experience of a lifetime ' jump.
On arrival at GoSkydive in Wiltshire youll check-in with the team and go through an introduction to tandem skydiving. Next youll get into your skydiving kit and go through your specialist training with a full qualified tandem master within a simulated training environment. Your instructor will walk with you to the plane and once seated will ensure your harness is secured to his. Youll then take a scenic flight up to your jump altitude of 15,000ft where you will exit the aircraft. Sounds easy? Dont forget to smile!

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