300ft Bungee Jump

300ft Bungee Jump

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Need something with a bit extra? Well a 300ft Bungee jump will provide just that. Whether you've bungeed before and want a bigger kick, or you just want to challenge yourself to do something completely wild, this experience is for you. A crane will hoist you up to a dizzying height of 300ft, providing you with unbelievable views at an incredible height. As the crane rises, so will your nerves but it is all part of the amazing experience and will be worth it for the feeling you'll get at the end. Once all the final checks have been made, the instructor will say '3, 2, 1, Bungee' at which point you take an enormous leap off of the crane. With 4 seconds of freefall (it will feel like forever) you will reach a point when the cord can stretch no more and the elastic pulls you back and propels you skywards again. Not for the fainthearted, this experience is one you'll remember forever.
On arrival at the location, you will be greeted by an instructor. They are highly experienced at bungee jumping and will make you feel at ease through out the lead up to your jump. After a briefing from your instructor, you will make your way on to the crane where you will be attached securely to the safety harness at your waist and ankles. The crane will then rise up to 300ft. At this point it will stop and your instructor will give you a few more instructions and a final check of your harness before counting down '3, 2, 1'. Then you jump. The sensation of free-falling for over 300ft before being snatched back by the bungee cord is unbelievable and guess what' you're going to find out exactly what it's like.

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