Chilli Grower Workshop for Two

Chilli Grower Workshop for Two

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If you fancy yourself a chili connoisseur but you're still something of a home-growing amateur, take a trip to Bedfordshire to learn what you need to know to grow chillies successfully and try some gourmet chili goodness with a friend with this Chilli Grower Workshop for Two. At the Edible Ornamentals chilli nursery you'll get to meet some chilli growing experts, whose credentials are in evidence with every vibrant chilli plant that surrounds you. They'll help you learn how to grow your chillies from seed to pepper and get bigger, more productive plants than you might do without their tutelage. If you've never heard of Wilbur Scoville and his famous scale then you'll also discover how the man put his tongue (and those of his brave helpers) on the line so people up and down the country would know how to brag about their chillies correctly. If talking about chillies all day starts making your mouth water then you'll be glad the other treat in store, a tasting session of gourmet chilli products from the nursery's kitchen. Enjoy a specialised chilli gardening session and sample what the fruits of your labour may one day taste like with this informative capsaicin-obsessed experience.
On arrival at Edible Ornamentals at Cherwood Nursery you'll check in with the nursery staff before starting your chilli growers workshop. Once everyone's arrived you'll be taken on a chilli gardening journey from seed to plant with plenty of useful tips and tricks to get your chillies to the finest point they can be. As just talking about chillies would get even the mildest mouth watering, you'll also get to try some gourmet chilli products from the Edible Ornamentals kitchen.

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