Cookery Class for Two at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School

Cookery Class for Two at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School

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This Cookery Class at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School will help you both learn some of the skills and techniques that make classic pasta dishes or Thai, Mexican, Indian or Vietnamese cuisine so special. Led by a professional chef ' picked by Jamie Oliver himself ' you'll use the best, fresh ingredients to make a authentic dishes that you can recreate again and again. Jamie Oliver's Cookery School is the ideal place to learn cooking styles and dishes from all across the globe, all in the relaxed and informal fashion that Jamie Oliver's known for, conveniently located in the Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush, London. Once there you'll meet one of Jamie's professionals, your lead on a culinary journey designed to be fun for all, whether you're a beginner or a kitchen expert looking to learn something new. The best kind of food is made from scratch, turning a pile of raw ingredients into something extraordinary using nothing but a bit of culinary know-how. You'll both learn how to make dishes that will impress friends and family alike.
On arrival at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School in London you'll both be met by your chef for the day before being shown around your class kitchen and provided with a welcome drink. Aprons on, it'll be time for a demonstration, before you head back to your workbench to start putting the dish elements together. You'll flit between demonstrations and hands-on preparations before the meal is finished, at which point you'll head to the dining room to enjoy your creations! Choice of cookery classes - Vietnamese Street Food is full of bold and aromatic flavours, so you'll need to make a selection of different street food dishes if you're to get a proper taste of those traditional and imaginative flavour combinations. Through classic beef pho, prawn and vegetable summer rolls and some delicious pork balls you'll get a crash course in the tastes of Vietnam, getting your hands dirty making them all before freshening up and chowing down! North Indian Thali (Vegan) - Traditional Gujarati cuisine is a showcase of different cooking methods and flavours, making it a great cuisine to get familiar with. You'll cook a vegan Gujurati thali, a selection of small dishes and rice traditionally served on a tray. Your thali will encompass a lentil dahl, chickpea masala, crispy spiced okra, chapatti bread and stir-fried vegetables. Learn how to serve your banquet before tucking in. Thai Feast - Thai food is all about simple ingredients and you'll learn how to put them together right. Learn how to balance the five key taste sensations before creating a delicious meal that you can recreate at home. You'll get cooking sweet and sour prawn soup, crispy fried chilli beef with a tender-stem broccoli and pak choi stir fry. Dessert isn't forgotten as you learn the secrets behind a classic coconut rice pudding with sticky roasted pineapple. Mexican Street Food (using corn tortillas) - You'll make and load up hand-pressed corn tortillas with chipotle chicken, saut'ed spinach with feta, and roasted corn salsa, and smash some guacamole together with a chunky salsa to enjoy on the side when it's time to dine. It's fun, it's easy and it's all kinds of delicious, and great to make again when you've got friends over! Pasta Master (not suitable for those with gluten intolerance) Once you've cracked it, fresh pasta is super easy to make and even easier to eat. Instantly impressive at any mealtime, you'll be let in on the secrets of making perfect pasta dough, every time. You'll use your new skills to make a variety of pasta shapes, from lasagna sheets to fettuccine, served with a lip-smacking simple sauce. Unbeatable Filled Pasta (not suitable for those with gluten intolerance) - You'll learn how to make a delicious filling that you'll use to create two or three different types of filled pasta, including ravioli and tortellini. You'll plate it up in a simple sauce for the ultimate Italian treat. South Indian Prawn Curry (not suitable for those with a seafood intolerance/allergy) - You'll learn how to make a Keralan curry paste that can be used in all sorts of curry dishes, turning this one into a fragrant prawn curry popular in south India to be enjoyed with fluffy rice, vegetable bhajis and a coriander chutney ' all lovingly made with a touch from your own hands. Fragrant Thai Green Curry - You'll learn how to make a Thai Green curry paste that can be used to make a fragrant chicken curry, to be enjoyed alongside fluffy rice.

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