Fly the Worlds Only Vulcan Bomber Flight Simulator

Fly the Worlds Only Vulcan Bomber Flight Simulator

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Looking for a one-of-a-kind thrill-seeker's adventure? Reach new heights of adrenalin and fly the world's only Vulcan Bomber Flight Simulator in this incredible 90 minute immersive experience. You'll be escorted to a top-secret, 1970s RAF-style facility where you'll meet your co-pilot and review your plans for what's ahead. Whether you fancy the challenge of in-flight refuelling, or simply want to feel the rush of free-flying, there's plenty to choose from. The cockpit is an exact scale replica of the real thing, so you'll feel truly immersed as you plug in your headset, listen to Air Traffic Control and start the four Rolls-Royce Olympus engines, ready to fly! Take a deep breath as 60,000 lbs of thrust hurl you down the runway, before you point the nose skywards and climb at nearly 16,000 feet per minute. This fantastic simulator is the only one of its kind in the world today, and it's your turn to give it a go.
On arrival at the Manchester base, you'll be escorted to the RAF-style briefing facility, where you'll meet your instructor. You'll review various mission profiles, discuss basic controls and complete a full safety briefing before heading into the fully-enclosed cockpit simulator. Plug in your headset and start the engines, then taxi to the runway and get ready to go. Feel the thrills as 60,000 lbs of thrust hurl you forward, accelerating quickly and getting airborne! You'll climb at nearly 16,000 feet per minute, topping out at a service ceiling of 55,000 feet in just a few minutes. Whether you're after a challenge or simply want to enjoy free flying, you can cater your experience exactly as you like. Your instructor will advise, but the flying's all down to you. The only one of its kind in the world, this incredible Vulcan Bomber Flight Simulator takes immersive thrills to new heights.

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