Grime and Punishment London Walking Tour for Two

Grime and Punishment London Walking Tour for Two

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London's a lively place, full of life and drawing in people from across the globe to experience one of the greatest capitals in the world. But beneath the city streets and contained within its many storied walls are tales of the grim, the gruesome, the raucous and the perilous, and you'll learn all about them on this Grime and Punishment London Walking Tour. As you move through Covent Garden and the West End you'll hear of some of the strange stories and urban legends that have played a part in the London of old. You'll visit a theatre that's reportedly the most haunted in Britain, the site of London's Great Beer Flood (yes, that really happened), and the bustling Covent Garden Piazza, which transformed over a hundred years from a nunnery through to a high-class estate down to a den of drunkards and lowlifes. You'll also get to see the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons, an ancient order shrouded in mystery, and learn of the truth behind phrases like 'one for the road' and more. It might get dark at times, but you'll still finish this tour with a newfound appreciation for your modern life.
On arrival at the Dominion Theatre by Tottenham Court Road underground station you'll meet up with your tour guide before stepping through the heart of the West End. Youll hear of Londons strangest disaster and the bizarre events of days gone by, see street performers and gorgeous architecture. Walking in the wake of drunkards, villains and sinful nobility, you'll hear their tales of grime and the brutal punishments meted out to them - this tour will leave you happy to be alive in twenty-first century London, but secretly wishing you were there a few hundred years before.

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