LED Sabre Combat

LED Sabre Combat

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Prepare to live out a sci-fi fantasy at the Wu Shi Taiji Studio in London, where LEDs and swords (lights and sabres, if you will) come together with you as their soon-to-be master through a fun sparring and practice lesson with this LED Sabre Combat experience for one. We all know what these swords really are, but as we don't want to get on the wrong side of any film companies we are going to stick with calling them LED Sabres. You'll be practicing with them in the style of a new martial art recognized by British Fencing and also by the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts so you can be sure you're picking up proper stances as well as cutting and parrying techniques rather than flailing around with a stick like you used to as a kid ' brought home by your fancy-looking sabre with its aluminium hilt and light-up cylindrical polycarbonate blade. It's based on an ancient form of Chinese sabre combat and historical European longsword techniques, with a touch of theatrics thrown in, with all the discipline and mindfulness that that brings with it. You'll take part in a private one to one session of physical exercise, sparring and games, and feel free to dress up as your favourite character to really get in the mindset of a fully-fledged LED sabre warrior!
On arrival at the Silver Sabre studio in London 15 minutes ahead of your pre-booked lesson, you'll meet your teacher for your private one to one session in the art of meditation, exercise and careful combat with an aluminium-and-polycarbonate LED Sabre over the course of your 1 hour lesson.

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