London Paranormal Activity Tour for Two

London Paranormal Activity Tour for Two

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Take a walk into the unknown and step into the supernatural on this Paranormal Activity Tour for Two, where you'll hunt for ghosts and poltergeists using the tools of the trade while learning of some of London's grisliest history. Not for the faint of heart, this walk of the weird will take you over mass graves that lie hidden beneath commuters' feet, London's largest execution site and jail cells that housed 'the world's worst serial killer'. At each stop on the tour your group will attempt to make contact with the other side, so get to grips with Ouija boards and be prepared for some spine-chilling encounters and spooky goings on. If you're scared, don't worry ' that's a perfectly natural response. We promise you'll make it to the end physically unharmed by the 'other side', provided you can avoid twisting an ankle if you choose to run in unbridled fear. Uncover stories of murder, plague pits and the ghosts that linger in London's walls'if you dare.
During your 2 hour tour you will discover London's largest execution site, the mountains of bodies commuters walk across daily, the infamous and affectionately named Scratching Fanny who can be found in Smithfield, around Cock Lane, as well as the grisly end of William Wallace and abandoned jail cells that housed the world's worst serial killer. Your tour also includes a visit to a traditional London Gin Palace. At each stop your tour guide and group will attempt to make contact with the other side.

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