Luxury Chocolate Making Workshop for Two

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Prepare to be wowed with this luxury chocolate making workshop, hosted by some of the best chocolatiers in the business, which will see you cocktail making, chocolate tasting, decorating and experimenting. You'll each create your own tasty chocolate martini cocktail before enjoying several interesting chocolate samples from around the world. Youll create fabulously flavoured chocolate as everyone creates a giant chocolate button to infuse with an array of flavours, such as, orange, pear or plum. You'll then have the chance to dip, infuse, pipe and decorate yummy fresh cream truffles. You will be handed your own slab of home-made fudge for shaping and decorating following a demonstration on its creation. There will be a range of tasty toppings such as strawberry curls, sea salt, honeycomb and white chocolate flakes. Finally you'll create your very own uniquely flavoured giant chocolate button and package up your treats ready to take home. Enjoy your class with a glass or two of Prosecco and head home with your new skills and knowledge ready to impress your friends.
Upon arrival at the venue you will be welcomed by your chocolatier for the evening and offered a glass of chilled Prosecco. You'll get started with your chocolate martini making and then move on to the tasting of delicious chocolate from around the world. Next up you'll create your giant chocolate button from big bowls of melted chocolate and experiment with your own choice of flavour. After demonstrations from master chocolatiers, youll shape, dip and decorate fresh cream truffles along with homemade fudge. You'll have a selection of decorations to hand as you set about creating your unique treats. Another glass of Prosecco will be offered for you to enjoy during your class.
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