Utter Nutter Extreme Aerobatic Flight

Utter Nutter Extreme Aerobatic Flight

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Are you an Utter Nutter? If you've got a taste for heights and enjoy living life on the edge then this is the flying experience for you. To take to the skies for this epic flying lesson like no other, you will be decked from head to toe in military flying gear and get to choose a name badge. Before you can step inside the plane you'll be fully briefed - and learn how to handle the 'G' force that you are about to experience! You will spend around 20 minutes in the air and during this time see if you can complete the Big Five Extreme Aerobatic Manoeuvres. You'll attempt the Cravat (a vertical twisting manoeuvre named after the motion used to do up a bow tie), the Inverted Loop (which will see you roll the plane upside down), the Ruade (a dramatic high-speed tumble) and other exciting manoeuvres. This will be a white-knuckle ride that you will remember for a lifetime; you also have the option to purchase a DVD of your flight if the memory alone is not enough.
When you arrive at the Aero Club Building in Chichester, you will be kitted out in a genuine military flying suit and choose a name badge for the day. You will undergo a flying and safety brief where you will learn how to fly the plane as well as handle G-force. In the air you will be able to try the Cravat, Inverted Loop, Ruade, Inverted Push-up to Lomcevak, and Mulleroid manoeuvres. If you manage to complete all five of these extreme manoeuvres in one flight, your name will be added to the "Utter Nutter" Roll of Honour Board. At the end you will receive a certificate and have the option to purchase a DVD of your flight if you wish.

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