Zombie Apocalypse Experience

Zombie Apocalypse Experience

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Step into the shoes of a horror movie character and prepare to mow down waves of the undead armed to the teeth with guns, more guns and a thirst for undead carnage with this Zombie Survival Experience in Greater Manchester or West Yorkshire. There are two stories to get involved with here, either at ground zero of the zombie outbreak at The Labs or a few months after an escape of the undead to The Mill nearby. You'll be able to enjoy either story as a standalone so you don't need to worry about choosing one over the other, and whichever event you choose you'll be in for 2 hours 30 minutes of terrifying zombie re-murdering action. Be warned, this is a full hands-on experience, so if you're not keeping an eye out you might get dragged off into the darkness by scores of hungry zombies. You'll be fully trained in all the necessary weaponry and tactics, including a shotgun that can fire projectiles at over 350 feet per second for real zombie stopping power. So the only thing that stands between zombies and the end of the world is you ' and a few of those high powered shotguns.
Upon arrival at your desired location you will be met by a member of the team. This initial interaction can be slightly daunting for some participants as the people you meet are always in ''character'' and are likely to mock and intimidate the participants (including you) for light entertainment. You will be taken to a place of relative safety inside the venue where you will be given safety instructions and sign an insurance waiver. You will be checked by security and to leave all of your valuables in reception in a holding box. After that, this would be the last possible moment to back out of the experience if you so feel the need unless the safe word is given and you quit the event. From that point on you will be part of a group following your chosen storyline, you will experience what it is truly like to be in the middle of a rampaging horde of flesh eating zombies as you and your team try to battle your way through without being dragged off or infected along the way. Will you fight for survival or sacrifice yourself as the weakest link?

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